Monday, May 4, 2015

Process Video - Project Life 2015

Here is something new to the blog.  I have started recording my Project Life process.  I am a bit behind, but I really like the new format that I am using.  This year I am trying out the Collect app.  I love how it makes your photos look like Polaroids and that you can journal on them.  It makes keep up a bit easier.  

Here are my first two weeks.  For these two weeks I am using the Scraptastic Club - November 2014 This Life Noted kit.  I got it in on clearance over the holidays.  I thought it was a good way to try out their PL kit without getting the subscription.  Many of the embellishments that I used were from my stash.

Here is Week 1:

Process Video from Week 1:

And here is Week 2.

Process Video from Week 2:

Let me know what you guys think.  Do you like the Project Life videos?  Do you prefer the traditional layout process videos. I would love to know what you guys think?  What do you guys like to watch?  Would you like to see any other videos on my channel?  I am all ears.

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  1. I love your project life videos! I noticed on your week 3 video one of the collect cards has 4 photos on it. I'd love to do that too, but don't see how. Do you mind sharing how you did it? Thanks!