Monday, December 1, 2014

YouTubers - Sharing the Love

Hello Everyone!  Hope everyone had a marvolous Thanksgiving.  Today I wanted to put something a little different on my blog.  I wanted to share the love and let you know about some of my favorite YouTubers that I have been watching lately.

I get so much inspiration from them.  Since watching YouTube I have changed up my style a bit a love what I am doing with my layouts lately.  I have been using a more collage, layered style.  I find it very freeing.  I LOVED mixing paper and ephemera when I first started scrapbooking in my old brown/gray, construction paper albums that I picked up at Walgreens back in the 90s.

(I went to get this picture with the intention of snapping just a few shots and sat and looked at the album for 30 min...ahhh sweet memories).

So, one to those inspirational YouTubers.

What got me (and appears many others) to start watching and making YouTube videos is Nicole Jones.  Her channel is NicoleJones 911 and you can see it (here).  Right now she is working on her December Daily, but she typically shows 12x12 page process videos and hauls.  Here is one of her videos.

Nicole does a lot of paper layering and mix media type layouts.

KittyScrapper (Nancy Sinclair) is another of my favorites.  She does lots of layering and I am always impressed with how much she layers and it looks so good.
If you like playing or want to get into playing with mixed media, check out Irit's channel (Irit Landgraf).  Here is one of her more recent videos.
I recently also came across Banning Lane.  She does very clean layouts.  A great contrast from Nicole and Nancy, but I really like it.  She uses a lot of Ali Edwards stamps (which I am totally in love with).  I would say her style if very much like Ali Edwards as well.  Check her out.
There are so many others that I did not put links to, but here are a few of their channels.

Victoria Marie -
Jenny Box -
Ashley Laura -
Jen Schow -
Manda Moore -
Meaghan Russo -
Robin Voak -
Mercytiara -

There are probably a few more, but these are my favorites.  Hope you check them out and give them some love.

Until next time...happy scrappin'

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