Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Use For Scraps

Today I wanted to show you a little trick for using all of something...even what you think might be trash.  I got this Journaling Pad from Michaels.  It is from their Recollections line.  I pulled all of the cards out and stored them with my other project life cards.

I was getting ready to throw the leftover stuff away and I thought..."What can I do with this?".  I hate throwing stuff away and thought this was a great opportunity for me to make some embellishments (mostly to use for my project life pages).  So here is a quick tutorial of what I did.

I pulled out the leftover paper from the spine of the book.  I ended up throwing the front and back flap away, but looking back, I could have probably used the back chipboard piece for something else (next time).

I cut off the circle and trimmed off the perforated edge of the paper that was left after pulling the cards out of the pad.

Here is what I ended up throwing away.

I cut notches in the end of each.

Wala, banners!

Here is a group of what they look like.  Fun (sort of free) embellishments.

Hope you found this helpful.  See you guys next time.


  1. What a quick way to make a set of coordinating banners! Thanks for the tip! I will have to remember this one!