Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Gift for the DH

The kiddo and I worked on this project for Papi for Valentine's Day.  The overall idea I got from the January/February edition of Scrapbook Etc magazine and changed it up to fit my style.  She helped me paint the canvas and cut the cardstock.  Pretty much the rest of the time she just played with the scrap paper in the trimmer and the scissors (by the way, what is up with kids always wanting to play with the dangerous stuff???).

First, I painted the canvas I got from Michaels with various colors/brands of acrylic paints.  Then I added gold embossing powder around the edges of the canvas.  
Next, I cut clouds from some canvas I bought probably over 10 years ago (see, I knew I would use it some day).  I painted them with gesso and glued them to the canvas with hot glue.  For the base where the pictures were affixed, I distressed the edges with my scissors and added more gold embossing powder.

The accordion picture mat with pictures was hot glued down next.  I trimmed out the corners of the pictures with mulberry (I think that is the material they are made of) flowers and a shabby flower from trim that I got from SaCrafters Zibet store.  She has some great stuff - I actually have a few pictures (small haul) of some other items that came in the mail today that I will post later.  Both the mulberry flowers and the shabby fabric flowers were white.  I sprayed them with various colors of homemade glimmer mist and some Stampin' Up! smooch spritz (If you are interested, let me know and I can order some for you).  I also have a few ribbon flowers sitting around from who knows when, but sometime when I still lived with my parents :).

Lastly, I added discontinued pink pom pom trim from Stampin' Up! around the photo with more hot glue.  I also added a flower on top of a button at the bottom to string the Doodlebug bakers twine from it to the flower at the top to keep the accordion photos in place.

Hope you enjoy.


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    1. Thanks Michelle! We really had a good time putting it together.

  2. What a great project! I loved the heart by itself, too, but was amazed that there was more! What a cute and creative project!

    1. Thanks, very therapeutic. I miss painting. I have not done it in a while and most of my paints were dried up to prove it :)