Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello Everyone

This is my very first blog post (I hope of many).  I wanted to quickly introduce myself.  My name is Kelly.  I am the wife of a wonderful husband, the mommy to a beautiful little girl, and the proud owner of a small menagerie. 

My menagerie consists of 6 cats (Rossi, Cody, Murphy, Cassie, Ducati, and AJ), 2 dogs (Ozzie and Kai), a quaker parrot (Duncan), a sugar glider (Stash), a bearded dragon (Checa), a red-earred slider (Samson - she is really a girl but we found that out after giving her the name), a zebra finch (Liza), several fish, and a partridge (Bob) in a pear tree.  Well ok, maybe not the partridge, but yes, the rest all all mine.  

I am a Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator and a lia sophia Jewelry Advisor.   I also have a full time job.   In my "spare time", take LOTS of photographs, scrapbook, craft, and hang out with the family.   

My goal in doing this blog is to share my creativity, love of crafting, and my jewelry business with all of you.  Lets all enjoy the ride!!


  1. Ok nice blog. So I only have one question. When do you have time to sleep?! lol

    1. Sleep? What is that? I think sleep is pretty over rated. :)